TV is all about you again.

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Your TV companion

Divano synchronizes content for all your favourite channels

User is the boss - Divano follows

Open Divano and let it recognize what you're watching - the decision is up to you.

Always up to date

Never miss an important post from your favourite show - Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Divano collects relevant posts for you.

Unlock hidden content

Let Divano lead you through your favorite show with no interruption - discover hidden content revealed during ad breaks.

Socialize !

Watching your favorite shows has always been a social activity with Divano it is more social then ever - let the other fans know your oppinion, post, share and comment your favourite TV shows while your watching.

Unique Divano

TV viewing is the number one leisure activity and Divano makes this experience better. By turning on your favorite show the decision what has the pleasure of entertaining you has been already made and Divano just follows in seconds. Divano delivers the right content at the right time directly to your iPhone. Go ahead and personalize your Divano in means of interest and to pure perfection.

  • Sync it
  • Divano is dynamic when you want to be entertained, deep and analytic when informed
  • Fun to use
  • Mirrors the viewers decisions


Channel synced mobile platform that delivers timed and relevant content centered around user and available for broadcasters and advertisers as engagement tool. Divano is the fastest way how to join the conversation.

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